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Star Trek: Enterprise. David Eick and Ronald D. Battlestar Galactica. Brad Wright and Robert C. Game Designers' Workshop. Space Marines. Wargaming ; Tabletop game ; Dice game. Starfire series. The sea is much more than a warfighting domain. So is space.

When the Space Corps begins to pattern its warfighting culture on naval foundations, it will not reflect the Air Force culture. The Space Corps will certainly have an important, and perhaps dominant, peacetime role that the Air Force does not share. The Air Force may interpret that peacetime role as the Space Corps abdicating its warfighting responsibilities.

The touchstone of the relationship between the Department of the Air Force and the Space Corps will likely be found in the first message the Secretary of the Air Force addresses to the department after the establishment of the Space Corps. The Marine Corps has had to fight for its independent existence from multiple adversaries for its entire history, most often the threat to be absorbed into the Army. But what if the Marine Corps had naval rank for its officers? Would the Navy have been able to resist the urge to absorb the Marine Corps if they shared a more compatible culture, including the same rank structure?

The Department of the Air Force would benefit by having separate rank structures to maintain the integrity of its two unique warfighting cultures. This is not a trivial concern. In the near-term, it will mean that neither the Army nor Navy rank structure is clearly dominant, and the histories and decorum of both the elemental service cultures will be maintained in relative equilibrium. In the longer term, it will help ensure that both elemental cultures exist in the future regardless of how militaries develop. For instance, if the importance of the sea starts to wane and space becomes the dominant strategic theater, there will always need to be a ground operations component be it a space-capable Army or Marine Corps with an Army rank structure and a domain operations component in which the Space Corps can carry the mantle of the naval elemental culture.

The Navy has an interest in keeping its essential traditions alive unconnected to the ocean proper. Any discussion of the Space Corps will inevitably swerve into some element of science fiction.


How the Space Force might impact Navy and Marine Corps personnel

When one thinks about a military space organization, the public expectation is that it will be a space navy. Captain Kirk is not a colonel for a reason. Regardless of what one thinks of the military theory or mission set case for Space Corps naval rank, the American people expect that a mature Space Corps will field Star Trek -like equipment as soon as it becomes technologically feasible.

Elon Musk is developing plans and equipment to establish a human settlement on Mars. Jeff Bezos aims to build the bridge that will eventually move billions of people into space. The billionaires are setting the pace. Now it is the defense analysts claiming that the Space Corps should only be a satellite combat command that are on the wrong side of the technological curve, not those that think the Space Corps should be and will be the trailblazer to Starfleet. The American people expect the Space Corps to develop the technologies that will help the United States become a truly spacefaring nation.

Although most observers will understand that warp drive, artificial gravity, and photon torpedoes should not be crash-developed immediately, the American people will expect that the Space Corps embrace the space domain and have a considerable interest in all space activities. If a group of space tourists die a slow death on orbit from a spacecraft malfunction because no rescue capability was available, the Space Corps will be blamed.

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Moreover, if the Space Corps instead focuses exclusively on satellite combat to support the terrestrial joint force, the American people will eliminate the Space Corps as a military organization the moment technology is available to develop a space navy. Only a space navy is a military space organization deserving of a great power like the United States, and the American people know this.

If the Space Corps fails to deliver the space capabilities that the United States—not simply those the Air Force or the joint force—demands, then the Space Corps will not have developed the superior space culture the President and Congress has demanded. There is no time to waste. Congress or the President should direct the Space Corps to adopt naval rank as soon as possible. Long live the Space Force. A major part of the legislative year, the NDAA determines the annual budget and purchases of the Department of Defense.

The NDAA passed with a vote of The Space Corps has gone through several iterations. When President Trump first spoke publicly about the idea, the proposal was for a completely separate wing of the military. While the new proposal doesn't call for a separate branch of the military, it does offer the Space Corps some autonomy.

Among other highlights, noted by SpaceNews : the Secretary of the Air Force "may establish a separate, alternative acquisition system for defense space acquisitions. There will be a one-year transition period between the Air Force and the Space Corps, beginning on January 1,