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Be sensitive to possible unconscious biases we may have. Try to be objective about staff's worth.

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Get money off the table to focus on the task at hand. Do not focus on specific behaviors as much with recognition and focus more on values. Imagination and creativity are stifled when people are told exactly what to do. Make the company values in your recognition program visible at all times. Create posters about the company values. Create a large infographic about the company values in your lobby.

Make the company values truly a part of the organization. Tie in company values to recognition. Sixty-four percent of recognition programs' main goal is to promote company values. Human resources becomes a partner with senior leadership to discover and align company values and initiatives. For an anniversary or birthday, have the president, or someone significant in the organization, bake a birthday cake from scratch. Integrate third party tools into your intranet or internal social network, such as Recognize app.

Recognize sees 8x more recognitions sent when the employees are using it within their workflow. Staying in the workflow is critical and in most instances not hard to do. Companies should be surveying their staff at least once a year. Knowing your company's net promoter score NPS is considered the most important metric to move your company forward.

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But do you know your Employee Promoter Score? Recognize provides an ongoing survey to measure staff sentiment. Survey often to keep your pulse on the company.

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When Marin Software added a kiosk of recognitions on their lobby digital signage, peer-to-peer recognition increased. To keep recognition top of mind, add a real-time feed of recognitions to company flatscreens and other digital signage. Or go old school. Create award certificates for special accomplishments. Recognize app provides automatic certificate generation using custom embroidery.

The Rewards and Recognition Fieldbook: The Complete Guide (Book)

Companies can print them out and create a wall of special accomplishments. For instance, Hughes Network Systems has an Applause section of their intranet that showcases recognition source: Ways to Reward Employees pg. Nordstrom also posts recognition letters on a bulletin board for everyone to read source: Ways to Reward Employees pg.

For employee rewards , set up a budget. Make sure the rewards system allows you to stay within budget and gives a fair shot to all the employees. Company holiday parties can be something staff are excited about, or they can be ridiculed and avoided. If your culture lacks color, step up the new year's parties by hiring a special music act, a comedian, fun activities like photo booths with props, performers on stilts, a drawing, and special gifts for employees.

Help everyone be a winner and have a great time. If at all possible, do not host the end of year party at the office, and instead throw the party at a cool venue. Hold special events for other holidays, not just end of the year celebration. A construction company in California holds a Thanksgiving party for all their staff.

Be sensitive to other cultures. Ask staff what holidays they celebrate and if they want to host an office party. Allowing staff to exhibit their culture engages them on a personal level and gives other staff access to new worlds and appreciations. However, if you create competition in an isolated setting and between groups of people, it can drive engagement and interest. Corporate wellness programs often incorporate team competition. Sales teams have leaderboards. Create leaderboards across locations or teams.

Create competition not around work, but other things like food drives. Create an environment where people want their team to win. See if your recognition program can use different wording or features depending on the region.

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In Japan, employees prefer one-on-one recognition done privately. Incorporate staff who are contractors or do not have access to corporate email. The solution is finding a way for these employees to onboard and authenticate using an employee ID so they can send, receive, and redeem recognitions from shared terminals or their personal devices.

Some people are more introverted and some more extroverted. Introverted employees will appreciate private recognition while more outgoing employees enjoy giving and receiving public recognition. Provide a program that gives both. This is also true for birthday and anniversary recognition. Older employees especially appreciate more private recognition of tenure and birthday. Triumph Property Group uses Recognize app to send recognition in bulk via a spreadsheet of customer feedback.

All levels in the organization are recognized- from leadership to the repair staff. Tie recognition into professional development and skill progression. If an employee is great during the last month of a performance review, then performs poorly the rest of the year, and picks up again the next performance review period, it can seem as if that employee is fantastic all year round. Thus, tie a continuous positive feedback mechanism, such as an on-the-spot employee recognition program, into the performance review process.

He would give a shout out to every employee who worked on the project. The lesson is the more clever and funny, the better the staff engagement. Be sensitive to individual differences in rewards or even team outings. For instance, paintballing may be fun to some employees and quite the opposite to others. Different industries are faced with different obstacles and challenges. For instance, the medical field is faced with healthcare burnout. Medical, like any industry, must evaluate the best strategy as there is rarely an all fits strategy for employee engagement.

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  • These are the main ideas and components successful companies use to motivate and recognize their employees. By making an employee recognition program social, your company benefits in a number of ways. It can become viral in your organization, sparking more interest. It can connect your staff across locations.

    It will rally and focus the company behind specific behaviors, values, or initiatives.

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    • For it to be social, add a feed of public recognitions in your intranet.