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Bedtime Stories: A Collection Of Erotic Fairy Tales ~ Book Club Reads – Carole Finds Her Wings

This collection contains Volumes four through six of the Taryn Malloy Fantasies. It includes: Elfmoon Elfcharm Elfspirit. Words: 23, Published: July 8, by Shauna Granger.

  • Bedtime Stories: A Collection Of Erotic Fairy Tales ~ Book Club Reads – Carole Finds Her Wings.
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The epic conclusion of the Elfmoon trilogy. Taryn Malloy, Bright Elf living in a human world, knows there is something missing in her life. All her life, Taryn has refueled her powers with sex and lust, the life-giving forces her people have managed to find in the human world. Words: 29, Published: February 2, by Shauna Granger.

This is an erotic novella that contains explicit, sexual material and imagery. If you find such content offensive please be advised. Words: 42, Published: December 11, by Shauna Granger. Four fairy tales for the price of three! Words: 18, Published: August 25, by Shauna Granger. Weeks after the Summer Solstice Massacre, the supernatural community is starting to come out of hiding, assimilating back into society as the humans begin to recover from their wounds and sorrow.

The only thing that had save Taryn from the Moon Madness was a magic charm, a Star of the Shide, given to her by a mysterious green-eyed elf. Words: 7, Published: May 31, by Shauna Granger.

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When Gretel realizes Hansel is under the spell of another woman it is up to her to rescue him and their relationship. Words: 59, Published: April 10, by Shauna Granger. It includes: Elfbitten Elfstruck Elfspell. Words: 3, Published: April 6, by Shauna Granger. In her eighteenth year, Rosamond pricks her finger on a spindle, sending the whole palace into an enchanted sleep as she waits for her one true love to break the spell with a kiss.

As Rosamond sleeps she dreams of her true love, she dreams of his taking her into her arms and making sweet, passionate love to her. Published: February 19, by Shauna Granger. Months later and Taryn is starting to feel normal again. It is also the full moon and while Taryn is off with her lover, Daniel, raising her magic with their lovemaking, something horrible is happening at the festival. Humans are becoming struck with Moon Madness. Words: 4, Published: January 3, by Shauna Granger. Could they be the answer to all their dreams? Published: December 15, by Shauna Granger.

Words: 8, Published: December 2, by Shauna Granger. Cinderella sets out to seduce the crown prince in a plot to save her enslaved mother and father.


ISBN 13: 9780425232576

Prince Brennan is sent on a ridiculous mission by his father the King, to find a cache of pirate gold. When they arrive at the island rumored to contain the gold, the crew starts to hear mysterious singing, pulling them from bed. Finally one night three women appear on a jetty of rocks, their sirens song and naked bodies tempt the men into dangerous consequences. This distillation of many different versions into a basic type is a double-edged sword for scholars of folktales and fairy tales.

Like Sleeping Beauty herself, the tale-type description lies dormant between the covers of the tale-type catalogue until we endow it with details reflecting our experience from the world of tales.

Snow Queen, The Little Mermaid, The Sleeping Beauty and More -- Fairy Tales For Kids In English

In this respect, the tale type as a descriptive template is recognizable because it consists of pure potential and is — despite its brevity — profoundly intertextual. It is no accident that the reception history of the Sleeping Beauty story has focused on the canonical versions by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm, and that those canonical tales have influenced the Aarne-Thompson description, which almost insists that the tale type be understood in gendered terms — that the story is first and foremost about female dependence on a male rescuer. However, my own readings take me in a different direction than Fay, both methodologically and thematically.

I am interested in a constellation of dominant versions that seem to have an underlying preoccupation with the creative power of language and storytelling.

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In other words, I attempt to understand the tale of Sleeping Beauty as a narrative that is driven by a fundamental concern with the agency of speech and the speaker, story and the storyteller. I intend this article as an exploration of that phenomenon. In doing that, I do not want to suggest that the metafictional aspects I discern have been exploited and developed in every version. The present article explores the topic further from a different point of view.

What drives the story of Troylus and Zellandine is telling by word of mouth, a banal observation in the context of a medieval romance perhaps, but the ubiquity of the phenomenon, which becomes a pivotal motif and preoccupation of important Sleeping Beauty stories, demonstrates its special significance. Subsequently, at the temple of the three goddesses, Troylus pleads for help from Venus, who speaks to him not in narrative but in poetic form. Most significantly, the reunion of Troylus and the now-conscious Zellandine is also marked by an exchange of stories.

So the chain of storytelling and transmission of stories reaches its climax when Troylus and Zellandine both speak their own stories — in full and in their own voices.

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The ubiquity and the deliberate organization of these tale-telling incidents also suggest their fundamental importance. The full story is only complete at the end of the tale, when Troylus tells Zellandine of his quest, and she tells him the story of her wonder-filled destiny. So let us turn first to the Sleeping Beauties of Perrault and Grimm. And we know that the role, power, and effects of speech and language were deliberately and explicitly thematized in fairy tales by those same writers to advance the modernist agenda.

As the one-hundred-year curse is expiring, the young prince glimpses the castle towers rising above the trees while out hunting. Unaware of their significance, he inquires about them and is told stories about them, each account depending on what each teller had heard from others. In each case, however, it is a supernatural or marvelous tale that he hears.

Moreover, the prince is bewildered by the conflicting stories and cannot decide what to believe. In terms of the unfolding narrative, these accounts of ghosts, witches, and ogres could also conceivably dissuade the prince from trying to penetrate the castle, and so — if he were to turn away from the castle because of them — they would disrupt the course of romance and redemption lying at the heart of the Sleeping Beauty tale.

Of course, there is another story to be told to the prince, the very story of the Sleeping Beauty, the fairy tale the prince himself has just entered. The prince now hears the marvelous story of the beautiful sleeping maiden, who awaits the arrival of a prince to awaken her from a one-hundred-years sleep.

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  7. Inspired by the tale to find love and glory, he sets off to redeem the enchanted maiden. The incomplete fairy tale he hears drives him to join the narrative and complete it himself. It compares favorably with the words spoken by the fairies, who set the tale into motion with their powerful pre-dictions and thus evoke, in line with arguments made by Allison Stedman 11 , the authors of fairy tales themselves. Speaking in the tongues of fairies and storytelling peasants trump royal edicts and proclamations of the male monarch.

    That Perrault included it — despite its absence in Basile — strengthens the possibility that he may indeed have known the tale of Troylus and Zellandine Its singularity, however, in no way diminishes the role of speech and storytelling as driving forces in the narrative. In fact, Perrault uses the single episode effectively to legitimize the fairy-tale genre in which it appears. The changes that the Grimms have made to this episode, however, reflect the different literary and cultural context in which the brothers were collecting and rewriting their tales.

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    If there is some ambivalence about folk traditions and superstition in Perrault, there is none here. And if the fairy tale and oral tradition are valued by Perrault and his contemporaries because they legitimize genres, subject matter, and a creative impulse that serves the modernist agenda, this is not precisely the case for the Grimms.

    Bedtime Stories: A Collection of Erotic Fairy Tales

    Rather, it suggests the power of the popular memory as it is embodied in the folktale. For the Grimms orality precedes the visual. Hearing — and not principally seeing — is believing. When Zellandine is aroused but not awakened by his endless kissing, he is encouraged by the voice of Venus and allows desire to overtake him completely.