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The poor fool goes home and tells his wife, who learns that their friar has a huge penis. She of course does not rest until she has established this truth for herself. Finally, a priest asks his congregation to explain a conundrum. During Lent, not one woman has confessed infidelity, but all of the men have confessed to sinning with the wives of their neighbors The eleven woodcuts are dramatic but often not easy to read.

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The clearest and strongest shows a an apostolic secretary fulfilling a perspiring cardinal's ill-advised request to make wind for him By Henry Suzzallo et al. Illustrated by Ruth M. Hallock et al. First edition. NY: American Book Company. I find only one fable here, LM , very nicely illustrated with three colored pictures. This book once belonged to the Butte des Morts School in Menasha.

It has undergone significant wear. Illustrated by E. Eadie et al. An excellent example of reader material and art. This copy is in very good condition: is it a later printing? What is left of the fable? Also "The Lion and the Rabbit" , the East Indian folk tale with the trick of looking into the well and "The Elephant and the Monkey" , an African fable about muddying the water. Also enjoy "The Monkeys and the Bananas" 39, about getting stuck to a wax image. Tradotte da Concetto Marchesi.

Con tutte le xilografie "deltuppiane. Rome: A. Formiggini Editore. The great claim of this book is that it presents all of del Tuppo's illustrations for the fables. It is a pleasure to find this paperbound book in fair to good condition. The printing of the illustrations is not superior and is unfortunately small.

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Simon Stern's edition is in that respect more helpful. The last illustration for the "Life of Aesop" is, by contrast, a full page in size. It is dramatic. This book offers one hundred and three fables, with a reference to the Halm number of each.

Journal of John Wesley

I count sixty-three illustrations of fables. That compares with forty in the fable portion of the Simon Stern edition. There is a T of C in the back, including a listing of the fables.

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Kinscella Readers. By Hazel Gertrude Kinscella. Illustrated by Ruth Mary Hallock. Stories in Music Appreciation--Book Three. Lincoln: University Publishing Company. Alice Margaret Hunter. Aesop illustrations by Richard Heighway. Anniversary Edition. NY: Gregg Publishing Co.

This book specializes in turning stories into plays.

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There are five fables, several with unusual twists. After it is all over, the stork brings the fox grapes in a shallow dish Also GA and CP. Might "The Fox and the Crab" be Aesopic? Tome premier.

Paris: Henri Cyral. How wonderful to find the first volume of this edition, when I had found the second by chance two years ago in Sonoma. And this bookstore deals principally in art books. The brown monochrome designs are also fine.

The book is in fine condition. It is perhaps the loveliest book I found in Tokyo! Tome second. Limited edition of copies. This book is a wonderful prize! One of my very favorites. The shop owner spoke disparagingly of the book because it had lost its first volume. I found this book in a few minutes I stole from lunch before further touring with family. There are about fifty-seven beautiful colored illustrations, including book titles, some half-page and some full.

Are they "aquarelles"? The very best of them are on 88, , , , and There are also many designs in brown ink around the titles of fables. Not in Hobbs, Bassy, or Quinnam. This extra volume is beautifully bound. Will I ever find a first volume to accompany it? Yes, I did! I have the sense of having seen his work elsewhere too. These two volumes were a lucky find on eBay. The fables are ordered according to their date of appearance. Thus after the six books of fables -- and their epilogue -- that first appeared in , there is 's dedication and eight fables, followed by "The Sun and the Frogs" of and the whole collection of things involved in the publication of , including an "Avertissement," a dedication to Madame de Montespan, and a "First Book" containing sixteen fables.

Bodemann speaks of "colored drawings reproduction as a colored printing from several plates.

Patience Collier

These he calls "humorous sketches of figures with Jugendstil pedestal-like decorations. Men and animals are marionette-like in their 17th-century costumes. The full frontispiece CW is followed by many designs and illustrations. The first book, for example, has four part-page illustrations. The strongest are for GA 43 and WL Note the humor on 81 of the beetle using a mallet to break the eagle's eggs!

The human-animal crossovers already strong in WL 55 are accentuated in WC : though both are human, they emit strong suggestions of their animal character, even through the bonnet and stance of the female crane. Watch the mother lark run with her children on The T of C for the first volume on has a lovely design of the acorn and pumpkin. Bodemann says that this limited edition of two volumes is part of an eleven-volume works of La Fontaine. The upper part of the spine of this first volume is cracked, disconnected, and taped.

When the library gets to repairing books, this is one of the first in the collection to work on! The substance of this volume is apparently the "Livre Second" of The frontispiece is a strong rendition of "The Shoemaker and the Financier," echoed in the design of moneybag and musical notes on 5. The design for "Two Rats, a Fox, and an Egg" on 80 is likewise charming. I do not think I have ever before seen this fable presented in human form.

A fine example is "La Perdrix et les Coqs" on One of the appendices on presents variations in the fables' texts. The design for this appendix has a human -- La Fontaine?