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So much for the causes and aggravations of pain. But what can WE do to help? There are many ways in which simple day-to-day care can make all the difference. The first point to watch of course is weight. If you are overweight, a diet will make all the difference. Also, studies have shown that just one hour sitting in a slouched position can strain ligaments in the back which can take months to heal. At the clinic we have come to the conclusion that the major cause of the problem is not with the design of chairs, as some have suggested, but in the way WE sit in them.

It can be useful to get special orthopaedic chairs, but remember the most important improvement should be in OUR posture. Another enemy of your back is, of course, your beds. Try out an orthopaedic mattress or a spring slatted bed. Research shows that both can be beneficial for certain types of back pain. Another hazard for your back are the shock waves which travel up your spine when you walk, known as heel strike. A real find for our patients has been the shock-absorbing shoe insert. A cheap but very effective solution. Though absolutely flat shoes can be a solution for some, others find their posture suffers.

Finally a word about the state-of-the-art relief — the TENS machine -a small battery-powered gadget which delivers subliminal electrical pulses to the skin.

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Our experience indicates that your money is better spent on the more old-fashioned remedies. Who is Mrs Sutton worried about?

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What is the name for a group of family doctors working in the same building together? Questions Complete the table below. Which TWO groups of patients receive free medication?

According to the speaker, the main cause of back pain in women is A pregnancy. B osteoporosis. C lack of exercise. As treatment for back pain the Clinic mainly recommends A pain killers. B relaxation therapy. C exercise routines. The back is different from other parts of the body because A it is usually better at self-repair. B a back injury is usually more painful. C its response to injury often results in more damage. Bed rest is advised A for a maximum of two days. B for extreme pain only. C for pain lasting more than two days.

Being overweight A is a major source of back pain. B worsens existing back pain. C reduces the effectiveness of exercise. Ielts listening Section 1 Answers : Questions Ielts listening Section 2 Answers : Questions Ielts listening Section 3 Answers : Questions Politics West Africa Teach South Geography Ielts listening Section 4 Answers : Questions B osteoporosis B relaxation therapy C its response to injury often results in more damage A for a maximum of two days B worsens existing back pain B Recommended in certain circumstances A Strongly recommended C Not recommended.

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September 4, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Ielts Listening Exercises :. Ielts listening Section 1 Answers : Questions 1.

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  • Most commented. What is Gerund? Questions Complete the notes below. Between what times is the road traffic lightest? Who will notice the noise most? Which day of the week has the least traffic? What will be the extra cost of modifying houses? Question 35 Choose the correct letter A-D. Questions Complete the list showing where devices used in reducing noise could befitted in the houses.

    Questions 39 and 40 Choose the correct letters A-D. Which is the correct construction for acoustic double glazing? What is the best layout for the houses? Sight and Sound Sunday s What should I do?

    Reply Quote Gurjeet 9 months 13 days No doubt they are pronounced almost the same, but there is a difference in the meanings of both words. So whichever makes sense is the right answer. Reply Quote Nurlybek 1 year 3 months Is the recording speed little faster than usual? Reply Quote Nurlybek 1 year 3 months I did the same.

    Thanks for the reply! The weather in the region, including warm summers and ……………, is great for growing citrus fruit.

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    When the oil underneath Harbor town was completely extracted, industries like aerospace and …………… were established. Anyone who is interested in learning more about the history of Harbor town can use one of the …………… terminals. Label the street map below. Kiana has been going over the reading for the assignment and A is confident she can write the paper.

    B is still wondering how to start the paper. C is going to focus on another class. According to the dialogue, one of Dr. B challenge students in ever way possible. C look for potential doctoral candidates. Choose your answers from the list and write the letters A-G next to questions