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Satterly, Ph. With over 20 years experience in educational and clinical settings, Dr. He is well published in the areas of human sexuality, GLBT issues, professional identity development, self-disclosure, and social work pedagogy. Acknowledgements I would like to thank my husband and partner in life, love, and scholarship, Dr. Don Dyson. Your caring, brilliance, patience, and sheer joy in the discovery of knowledge are inspiring.

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Historically, social work education has included minimal attention to three essential foci: 1 disability; 2 sexuality; and 3 the intersection of disability and sexuality Ballan, As noted by Glasgow , the intersection of sexuality and disability has received almost no attention in social work education. There has been insufficient change in the 25 years that followed this initial observation Ballan, Although social workers are educated to address a continuum of sensitive topics, discussions regarding sexuality and sexual behaviors are all but absent in the literature and in practice Stawgate-Kanefsky, , rendering social workers inadequately prepared to address sexual issues in their many professional roles Speziale, Clients expect social workers to understand issues of intimacy and sexuality and to provide guidance in these areas Boyle, There is a great need for social workers to obtain knowledge and develop skills to help persons with and without disabilities in the area of sexuality education and counseling Boyle, ; Mary, Rogers, McRee, and Arntz conducted a study examining factors among university students that may be associated with homophobic attitudes and whether homophobia may be reduced by educational interventions.

Their results suggest that the knowledgebased curriculum of sexuality courses may play an important role in affecting broader attitudes about sexuality among college students, including attitudes about homosexuality. Students who took human sexuality courses were found to be more tolerant of homosexuality and were less likely to subscribe to homophobic statements or sentiments. The results from a study of 41 schools of nursing in the UK indicated that the provision of training in human sexuality in nursing curricula is inadequate to meet the current varied needs of patients.

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On average, a mere 6. The overall provision of training in human sexuality in the nursing curricula does not seem to have significantly improved, regardless of pleas from such esteemed bodies as the World Health Organization and others Astbury-Ward, Referring to a study of Australian schools of social work, it was found that whereas most social work courses allocate curriculum space for examination of gender and life-cycle stages, such is not the case for sexuality Roberts, In a exploratory study, McKay surveyed faculty teaching in Masters of Social Work MSW programs regarding current sexuality-related curricula, their attitudes toward the inclusion of sexuality education, and their perception of the supports and barriers to incorporating sexuality-related content into MSW curricula.

The sample for this quantitative study included social work faculty participants through an online survey. Only 1. Faculty also rated the importance of 23 sexuality-related topics and whether they teach the topic. In each case, the rating of a sexuality-related topic as important did not necessarily correspond to that topic actually being taught.

References Astbury-Ward, E. A questionnaire survey of the provision of training in human sexuality in schools of nursing in the UK. Sexual and Relationship Therapy, 26 3 , Ballan, M. Disability and sexuality within social work education in the USA and Canada: The social model of disability as a lens for practice.

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Social Work Education, 27 2 , Boyle, P. Training in sexuality and disability: Preparing social workers to provide services to individuals with disabilities. Journal of Social Work and Human Sexuality, 8 2 , Diaz, Y. Social Work, 36 1 , Glasgow, M. Human sexuality education for clinical social workers. Social Casework, 62 8 , Mary, N. An approach to learning about social work with people with disabilities. McKay, K. Widener University, Chester, PA. Roberts, R. Results of a survey of Australian schools of social work on the teaching of human sexuality in their undergraduate programmes.

Australian Social Work, 39 3 , Rogers, A. Using a college human sexuality course to combat homophobia. Sex Education, 9 3 , Speziale, B. Introducing sexual diversity into social work education: A humanistic group approach. Strawgate-Kanefsky, L. A national survey of clinical social workers knowledge, attitudes, and practice regarding sexuality. Wittenberg, A. Recommendations for improving sexual health curricula in medical schools: Results from a two-arm study collecting data from patients and medical students. Journal of Sexual Medicine, 6 2 , Wylie, K.

International perspective on teaching human sexuality. Academic Psychiatry, 34, Using this Book This supplemental textbook was specifically designed with professional social workers and other human service professionals in mind. It was created to provide the reader with useful therapeutic tools, while increasing awareness of the myriad of sexuality topics one may encounter while working with individual clients, families, communities, and organizations. Not only does this book provide important and often neglected information regarding a range of controversial hot topics, it also supplies the reader with a wealth of resources that can be used to benefit clients and organizations.

It is our hope that those who use this textbook keep it close while providing education and counseling services. Not only is this a great practice reference book, the quick response QR codes found throughout link the reader to advocacy and information websites, educational videos, and scientific literature, all of which act as additional helping tools that every human service professional should have in their professional utility belt. Although this textbook covers a wide range of topics and presents a great deal of information, as the fields of Social Work and Human Sexuality Education evolve, so will this text.